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Chris Ideal G
Chris Ideal G

Dj Ideal-G has been on the scene for over twenty years including fifteen years of presenting radio shows on various stations.  

He started his music career as a host MC  back in 2008 appearing on Cyndicut & Synoptic radio stations and has gone from strength to strength hosting his own events and producing his own music. 

He has worked with up and coming new artists on events such as Live Urban, Soundproof, Crooked Halo, Adrenaline, Bass Nation & One Nation.

Showcasing the love of raves and many sub genres of dance music from the breaks acid house birth of jungle era of the 90s and the millennium alongside upfront drum & bass.

He now hosts an upfront jungle, drum and bass rollout show on Juice Radio appealing to the junglist massive crew and all dance lovers alike for a high octane of  dirty beats & real funk.

Keep it Ideal & enjoy the d&b show loud! 🌇👊🏽🔥 


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