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Mark White entered the world in 1962, it was a difficult birth as he was born with a microphone in his hand but he was soon silenced as they cut the umbilical chord which turned out to be the mic cable.

After briefly experimenting with the usual things you do when growing up like school where he left with an O level in Class clown. A brief spell with Millwall FC and Southend United as an apprentice he discovered there is more to life than kicking people around the park and embarked on his journey into the entertainment business proper and attended media college studying Journalism, Radio and TV.

After opening an entertainment bar in Essex called Bonkers where he could be seen impersonating Rod Stewart, Freddie Mercury, Right said Fred, Franknfurter and Madonna he decided it was time to take his show global and spent a year in Portugal 5 nights a week entertaining hotel guests around the Algarve.

In 2001 he took his stockings, bald wig, pointy Madonna mammary glands and other props to Eastern Europe spending 8 years which included worm farming, yes worm farming and bagging compost which literally meant I started at the bottom of the source and my career grew quickly which led to me owning 2 karaoke bars, hosting a morning radio show called ‘Tere hommikust Tallin’ (Good morning Tallinn) and picking up work DJ ing around clubs and bars and appearances on TV ads and voice overs for multinational brands.

I did a brief stint as a DJ on cruise ships which wasn’t really my idea of fun and ended up in Thailand with a Hangover (Show) from 2PM-4PM Monday to Friday on Buzzin radio Pattaya with Patrick Murray, the man himself, Mickey Pearce from Only fools and Horses. Cushty.


Myself and Mark Coe who presents the ‘Sunday Selection’ on Sunday mornings at 10AM resurrected the Hangover show Saturday mornings 10AM-!2 noon in 2018.


In 2019 I went travelling in Asia for 19 months but am now back itching to return to the mic presenting the Drive time show weekdays 4-6.

It feels great to be back on the Juice.

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