Chris Goldfinger

Scheduled on:
Tuesday 10:00 pm 12:00 am
Sunday 10:00 pm 12:00 am

Chris’ experimented with a sound system when he was at school in Kingston. His first gig was in Jamaica in 1985, with a sound called Soul Symphony Disco. Chris earned the title “Goldfinger” after playing in St. Catherine, Jamaica one night and mixing two totally different records to make one incredible beat.

Chris’s favourite clubs are Cameo’s in London: Asylum and Quad in Jamaica. When he’s not out club DJing he’s either playing his huge soul collection, playing football or dominoes, or just jazzing up his rides, as he’s now big in the car game.

Chris’ Highlights:
Apart from touring extensively worldwide, Chris has been a reggae ambassador in The Gambia and has been requested by the government of the country to perform there annually at their Roots homecoming festival.

Worst experience:
Chris says – “I’m blessed and can honestly say that I’ve not had an experience which I could say would go down in my books as THEworst experience, but since I have the record for missing flights I think that should be known to all overseas promoters!”

Catch Chris on Saturdays for the finest in Dancehall music and on Sundays for Soul….