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(New Sales Number 07709 133403) Used appropriately, radio advertising is an effective method of reaching a target demographic. You can choose age, ethnic, or socioeconomic groups, without the use of expensive visual media. With the right stimulus, the ‘theatre of the mind’ will create imagery that is far superior to that of print or television.

Radio advertising doesn’t require the subject’s full attention in the same way that television does. Radio advertising can be in many ways almost subliminal and this is one of the major advantages of the medium.

It is true that radio advertising doesn’t have the same brand building power as television but, used in tandem with a robust marketing campaign, it can prove extremely profitable.

Radio advertising should be supported by a visible, easily-navigated and simple website. Directing respondents to your radio advertising to a sub-standard website can have a detrimental effect on your business.


You can supply your own commercials to play providing they are mp3 Files and of CD Quality ( 360 Kbps ) or we can make the commercial for you for an Extra one off Payment for £50 each commercial.
Celebrity Voiced Commercial range from £75 to £150 per Commercial.

DJ Rates

3 Hours @ £70 per Hour  = £210

4 Hours @ £60 per Hour  = £240

5 Hours @ £54 per Hour  = £270

All Bookings include 20 commercials on Air

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